iPhone 6 Battery Charging Case

 No Extra Cables Needed
 Edge-to-Edge Protection
 Work, Travel, and Play

CHARGE ON THE GO: Few things are more frustrating than realizing your iPhone 6 battery is about to die. Whether you need battery juice for important things like business and travel or even less important things like checking Instagram, it is incredibly annoying when we can’t just charge up our iPhone without having to carry around a bulky power bank or a cord charger and finding an outlet. With a Zohmo® Z Series iPhone 6 battery charging case, you can recharge your phone anytime, anywhere!

SLEEK & ULTRA THIN: The Zohmo iPhone 6 battery charging case is one of the thinnest available and so lightweight, it won’t create obnoxious bulk to your iPhone. This is typically the biggest concern when deciding on a battery charging case. Many of the battery power banks and iPhone battery cases out there are awkward or outright annoying to carry around in your pocket or purse. With this sleek and slim iPhone 6 battery charger that doubles as a fully protective iPhone case, leave the excess baggage at home!

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Our best iPhone 6 battery case is comprised of a 3000 mAh lithium polymer battery which quickly boosts your iPhone’s battery life 100%+ while also preventing any unnecessary weight. No more setting your iPhone on airplane mode or closing out Apps to buy you a few extra minutes.

  • TALK - 19 extra hours
  • BROWSE - 13 extra hours
  • WATCH - 15 extra hours
  • LISTEN - 66 extra hours 

EDGE-TO-EDGE PROTECTION: Our polycarbonate iPhone battery case with reinforced side rails and raised screen bumper design provides full 360° protection for your iPhone 6 from whatever life has to throw at you.

NO EXTRA CABLES: Listen, sync, and charge with the same Apple iPhone 6 headphones and charging cables you’re already using. No need to remove your iPhone from the battery case to listen to your favorite tunes or worry about using a different cable to charge and sync.

CAR MOUNT COMPATIBLE: All of our Z Series iPhone battery cases have a built-in magnetic plate to allow easy use with any magnet car mount. *Matching car mount sold separately.

SMART CHIP TECHNOLOGY: Built-in microprocessor ensures proper battery charging and discharging. Our smart-charge chip monitors battery levels for your iPhone and battery case.

SOPHISTICATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Many of the iPhone battery charging cases on the market are bulky and unattractive. There is no reason your rechargeable iPhone battery case can’t be functional, protective, and smooth. The Zohmo Z Series iPhone battery case isn’t just innovative and multi-functional; it looks and feels good in your hand. After all, your iPhone 6 is one of those things you have on you at all times. You want it to be ergonomically perfect and represent the simple, sleek, and beautiful person you are. That’s what we set out to do when we created the Zohmo Z series battery charging case.

Capacity: 3000 mAh
Input: 5V/1A
Output: 5V/1A
Dimensions (mm): 143.2x72.12x13.83
Weight: 3.3 oz

(1) Zohmo Z Series iPhone 6 Battery Case
(1) User Manual
(1) Zohmo Battery Case Extended Warranty


Ask a Question
  • If I use wall power will my iphone or the iphone 6 battery case charge first?

    The iPhone will charge first. Then the iPhone 6 battery case will charge. 

  • Can the iPhone 6 battery case be charged wirelessly?

    The iPhone 6 battery case does not support QI charging at this time.  

  • What is the thickness of the iPhone 6 battery case?

    Hands down this is the thinnest iPhone 6 battery case on the market! See our manual tab for exact measurements for all of our iPhone battery cases.

  • Will the iphone 6 battery case protect my iphone?

    The iPhone 6 battery case will protect your iPhone from daily wear and tear. 

  • Is there somewhere that shows the correct way remove my iPhone from the iPhone 6 battery case?

    Yes! Instructions and video for the iPhone 6 battery case can be found under the support tab.

  • Do I have to remove my iPhone from the iPhone 6 battery case to sync data?

    No need to remove. You can leave the phone in the battery case to sync. 

  • What\'s the correct way to install an iPhone in to the iPhone 6 battery case?

    iPhone 6 battery case installation instructions can be found under the support tab.

  • Will the iPhone 6 battery case block the iPhone speaker?

    No, our iPhone 6 battery case will not block the speaker.

  • What charging cable is used to charge the iPhone 6 battery case?

    Our iPhone 6 battery case uses an Apple lightning cable to charge.

  • Will apple headphones work with the iPhone 6 battery case?

    Yes, headphones will work with the iPhone 8 battery case.