About Us

Our story is fairly simple.  We wondered why there were only a handful of iPhone battery cases available for sale.  Of the few available, none of the iPhone battery cases seemed to appropriately combine an aesthetic design with functionality.  Most of the battery cases would lack one or more of the key features we wanted in a perfect charging case.

We wanted an iPhone battery case that was powerful, sleek, beautiful and functional.  The charging case also had to have a minimalist design – most charging cases on the market were bulky and cumbersome.  We didn’t want our battery case to detract from the elegance and innate beauty of the iPhone.

Something had to be done. 

We decided to research and ultimately design our own iPhone battery case.  We launched Zohmo with the customer in mind.  We created an iPhone battery case that was functional, beautiful and most importantly; affordable.  We stand behind every charging case made. 

Take the plunge and purchase one today.