iPhone 6s Battery Charging Case Car Kit

 No Extra Cables Needed
 Edge-to-Edge Protection
 Work, Travel, and Play

CHARGE ANYTIME/ANYWHERE: It happens to all of us and usually at the worst time - Our iPhone 6s battery is drained and there's no time for wall charging. Whether it's for work, travel, or play, it is extremely inconvenient when you can’t just charge your iPhone without having to lug around a heavy power bank or a wall charger and planning your day around where the next closes outlet will be. Stay safe on the road and rest with ease knowing you'll never run out of battery with a Zohmo Z Series iPhone 6s battery charging case car kit.

SLIM & PROTECTIVE: The Zohmo iPhone 6s battery charging case offers full protection and is as sleek and slim as an iPhone battery case can be. This is usually one of the biggest concerns when shopping for an iPhone battery case.  Many of the iPhone battery cases out there are oddly shaped making them extremely inconvenient to carry around. The Z series iPhone 6s battery case is comfortable in your hands, protects your iPhone from daily were and tear, and doubles the battery life of your iPhone!

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Our iPhone 6s battery case is packed with a 3000 mAh Li-polymer battery that boosts your iPhone’s battery life 100%+ . All while not adding any unnecessary weight. Do what you need to with your iPhone and forget stressing about your battery level.

  • TALK - 20 extra hours
  • BROWSE - 14 extra hours
  • WATCH - 15 extra hours
  • LISTEN - 70 extra hours 

FULL PROTECTION: Our iPhone battery case was designed with reinforced side rails and a raised edge around the screen to provide a full 360° protection for your iPhone 6s.

NO ADDED CABLES: Whether your listening to music, syncing to the computer, or just charging your iPhone, all you need is the same headphones and charging cables you’re already accustom to using. With other cases you have to remove your iPhone from the battery case just to listen or charge. Not ours!

HANDS-FREE: All of our Z Series iPhone battery cases have a built-in magnetic plate which easily connects to matching Zohmo car mount allowing for safer driving on the road.  Additional magnetic plates provided can be used with any standard, non-battery case.  

SMART MONITOR TECHNOLOGY: Built-in microprocessor chip monitors battery levels for both your iPhone and battery case to avoid improper charging.

Capacity: 3000 mAh
Input: 5V/1A
Output: 5V/1A
Dimensions (mm): 143.2x72.12x13.83
Weight (oz): 3.3 

(1) Zohmo Z Series iPhone 6s Battery Case
(1) Zohmo Car Mount
(2) Zohmo magnetic plates
(1) Bonus premium braided lightning cable
(1) User Manual


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